Our Service, Characterized by Two Defining Features

Innovative Technology

Technology underpins all of our activities, from estimating for projects to managing budgets and finances and ensuring effective communication between our headquarters and staff in the field. A combination of industry-leading software and our own, custom-built packages means we have the technology we need to deliver your project.

Highly-Qualified Professionals

Professionals fill all of our roles, from those looking after our in-house processes to those in the field. We value the varied experience – delivering projects and services for public and private sector clients – that our project managers, engineers, foremen, accountants and IT professionals bring.

Pump Facilities

Gravity isn’t always on your side, especially when it comes to water. For lower lands, dry plains, and places with a high flood risk..


Sewer Line Cleaning

Sewer clogs are bad enough for private residences, but what about when they happen in commercial settings?


Concrete Structures and Paving

Concrete is an essential building material. It would be difficult..


Underground Utilities

Not every construction company handles underground utilities, but Belt Construction does..


Auger Boring

Construction doesn’t have to be disruptive. Innovative machinery gives us simpler and more direct construction choices..

Mechanical and utility Construction

Pipeline construction is one of the more challenging areas of construction. For one thing, any underground construction..


The Guided Boring Machine

Underground utility projects come with a lot of challenges. As a matter of fact, not every construction company will even work on underground construction..