pipeline construction

With pipeline construction, the right crew is everything. You always want a team that can get the job done, but pipeline construction isn’t like other types of construction. It comes with added risks, safety concerns, and training needs. That’s why when you look for a pipeline crew, you’ll want to look for some specific traits.

Experience With Tough Jobs

Obviously, you need a team that has pipeline construction experience. More broadly, look for teams that have a reputation for doing tough work. Maybe your team specializes in pipelines, or maybe they’re just willing to take on the jobs that other crews won’t do. In any case, not every construction team can handle pipelines. By looking for the teams that do tough, dirty jobs when nobody else will, you’ll find the team that can handle your pipeline needs.

Crew and Machine Numbers

When looking at construction teams, find out about their crew size. How many available workers do they have? How many of those workers have pipeline experience? Depending on the size of your project, you may need a lot of hands for the job. Likewise, make sure that your team has the right machines for the job. When the machinery is too limited, the work gets delayed, which means higher costs and more frustration for you.

Thorough Safety Measures

Ask potential pipeline construction crews about their specific safety measures. How have they updated their safety measures over the years? Do they keep up with the latest precautions? Pipeline work comes with more potential hazards than most other construction types. Your team should keep their safety measures at the front and center of all the work that they do.

Testing and Retesting

When something goes wrong with a pipeline, it’s never just an inconvenience. It’s a major danger. If your project involves fuel lines or oil, then a spill could harm the land and contaminate the local water supply. Even if your pipes carry water, leaks and spills can cause extensive damage. That’s why your construction crew should be committed to testing and retesting. These tests should be thorough and detailed so that you can avoid long-term issues.

Pipeline Construction

Finding the right construction crew takes time and work. However, your effort will pay off when you find the crew that can meet your needs. While you’re searching, check out Belt Construction to see how we can help you with your pipeline project. We do the work that others can’t or won’t, we’re committed to safety, and we have the numbers and methods necessary to get that work done.

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