Pipeline Construction


Pipeline Construction

Pipeline construction is one of the more challenging areas of construction. For one thing, any underground construction method has challenges. Pipeline construction adds to that challenge by dealing with oil and natural gas. It comes with several safety concerns that only some construction teams are equipped to handle. Still, pipeline construction is an essential service because it gives oils and natural gases a pathway to where they need to go. That’s why Belt Construction offers these services. We know how important pipeline construction is, and we’re both trained and equipped to provide it.

Pipeline Construction

The pipeline construction process includes several steps. Each step is vital to the success of the project, and each step requires efficiency and accuracy. First, there’s the preparation step. Our team starts by ensuring the safety of our materials while preparing the site itself for construction. Once we’ve prepared the site and the materials, we dig trenches so that we can lay the pipelines. During the pipe laying process, we use auger boring to guide new pipes under obstacles such as rivers. Our construction process ends with quality testing to make sure that each pipeline is safe, reliable, and ready for long-term use.

Installation, Maintenance, and Upgrades

Belt Construction routinely provides installation, maintenance, and upgrades for pipelines. When it comes to installation, we’re there for every part of the process from start to finish, including the construction planning stages. We’re a full-service construction team, which means that we provide everything that the project needs. We have the skilled workforce, time, and machinery necessary for each project.

We also provide maintenance and upkeep services for pipes that we didn’t install. Pipeline maintenance can prevent leakage and other disasters, and our team members are experts on pipeline maintenance. We’re available for repairs in case something goes wrong with an existing pipeline system. Finally, we can provide upgrades for pipe systems that were built with previous technologies. When new materials and other options emerge, some systems could use significant upgrades to keep up with current needs. The Belt Construction team stays on top of all the most recent technologies and materials, so we know how to work with the latest systems.

Our Dedication to Safety

Belt Construction stays committed to safety. As a matter of fact, we’ve been committed to safety from day one. However, we also understand that pipeline construction safety comes with its own unique set of concerns. Pipeline construction isn’t like other types of construction, because it deals with dangerous materials. Breaks and leakage can mean disaster, not just for the construction crew but for the surrounding land and the people who live there. That’s why we go above and beyond in our safety measures, paying attention to every detail.

Belt Construction

Pipeline construction requires a knowledgeable, equipped, and experienced team who can do the job with confidence. Thanks to 45 years in the business, extensive training, and more, Belt Construction is proud to be that team. We’re ready to help clients in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Feel free to contact us when you’re ready to assemble your construction crew.