Biohazard cleanup

A biohazard is defined as “a biological agent or condition that constitutes a hazard to humans.” 

A general guideline of biohazardous materials includes the following:
  • Personal Items
  • Human or animal blood, feces, urine, vomit, carcass and any other bodily fluid
  • Anything saturated or exposed to the above listed that is still liquid or has become solidified
  • Rodent and animal waste including carcasses, body parts, urine, saliva, feces, and nesting materials
  • Used medical syringes and lancets (sharps)
  • Anything else that has potentially been exposed to diseases that could be harmful to others
Disposing Of Biohazards:

Biohazards must be removed, cleaned, decontaminated, transported and properly disposed of to ensure the health and safety of all involved. Biohazards contain bacteria and viruses that pose health risks to anyone who may come in contact with them. Blood-borne diseases, bacteria, and viruses found in blood and other bodily fluids can live outside the body for days and sometimes weeks. HIV & Hepatitis are the most commonly known risks that can be contracted from biohazards.

Companies must follow strict guidelines as determined by OSHA Regulation 29CFR1910.1030, which mandates that employees have proper and comprehensive training before they are placed in a position to cleanup or handle any incident that could expose them to biohazards such as blood, bodily fluids, feces, vomit or chemicals.

Austin Bio Clean can help  mitigate your liability. Our professionally trained crew will clean, disinfect, and dispose of all blood and biohazard materials so you can move forward and be assured that you, your family, friends or coworkers are safe.

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