Suicide Cleanup

When a loved one takes their own life, those closest to the individual are suddenly confronted with one of the most difficult situations anyone can encounter. When so much energy and focus is drained by processing through grief, the practicalities and details involved in moving forward can feel overwhelming. Austin Bio Clean is here to help and provide guidance and assistance during this difficult time.

Suicide Cleanup Central Texas

In addition to having to deal with the emotional ramifications, a suicide or attempted suicide often requires cleanup of blood and bodily fluids. After the first responders and coroners leave, family members are then faced with the daunting task of returning their homes to a safe a normalized state. The last thing a friend or family member wants to do is handle this daunting task. Quickly having the scene cleaned aids in the first stage of moving forward and lets family tend to other more important matters. Austin Bio Clean has highly trained technicians to take care of every detail associated with a suicide clean up. From cleaning personal belongings to removing bodily fluids from all the surfaces in the area, we meticulously clean the affected space and answer all your questions along the way. In the very unfortunate event that you do need us, we are here for you and are just a phone call away. Each of our experienced team are kind and compassionate. We will handle the clean up as quickly, discreetly and professionally as possible. Our vehicles and uniforms will be unmarked and our crews will not speak to any neighbors or media outlet, unless you specifically ask us to.

How Do We Clean?

Potential biohazards from blood borne pathogens exist until the entire area is cleaned and decontaminated. We first clean any removable items in the room, keeping a list of what cannot be saved and quickly returning to you anything we can clean and disinfect. We then clean and disinfect every surface, removing all present biohazards including any in all the nooks and crannies. Working from top to bottom, we clean the ceiling, walls, furniture, personal items, and even light fixtures. As each tiny spot and square inch in a room exposed to biohazards is considered a potential source of infection, we make sure all these areas are thoroughly cleaned and made safe. When we are finished, the area will look as it did before the traumatic event took place.

We Will Work With Your Insurance Provider

We will work directly with your insurance carrier to minimize out of pocket expenses. In most cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of our services, minus the deductible, as well as the replacement and repair of any items that have been contaminated and require disposal. We will file the claim on your behalf and submit an inventory of any items that are removed or unrecoverable due to biohazard contamination. Our staff will also be there to answer any questions the insurance provider has so you can focus on processing your grief.

Need Additional Support?

No one should walk through the grief of suicide alone. There are numerous groups throughout Austin who can help you walk through this difficult time. Here are two places you can start.

The Austin Center for Grief & Loss: The Austin Center for Grief & Loss provides numerous support groups including ones for those whose loved ones have committed suicide.

Survivors of Suicide – Austin: Survivors of Suicide provide support groups and resources for those who have survived a loved one’s suicide.

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