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Homeowner’s Insurance and Crime Scene Clean Up - Austin Bio Clean

Homeowner’s Insurance and Crime Scene Clean Up

Homeowner’s Insurance And Crime Scene Clean Up

It’s been a year since the dawn of COVID-19 and people are still struggling to stay safe. Lockdowns, quarantines, and business closures have ravaged the economy and pushed people to the brink of poverty. Many have lost their jobs, their businesses, and even their livelihoods. Savings have been depleted while people still struggle to cope. Unfortunately, many have lost loved ones in the process. Everyone has been impacted by coronavirus. Yet life goes on as people try to adjust. 

Rising Crime

Crime is on the rise in most metropolitan cities as Americans struggle with their new normal. Unfortunately, that means more people than ever are dealing with the trauma of crime. This crime is happening in homes more often as everyone copes with lockdown orders. The restrictions are slowly lifting but there are lasting ramifications. Dealing with the tragic loss of life is hard enough. When this happens to a loved one at home it’s almost unbearable. The pain can be debilitating. As you grieve, you must also deal with your loved one’s estate and funeral arrangements among other things. Overwhelming doesn’t begin to describe it. 

Common Misconceptions

When a crime resulting in death occurs at a private residence, it must be investigated. People often incorrectly assume that the local police department will complete the crime scene clean-up at their expense. Unfortunately, they don’t. The homeowner is responsible for the crime scene clean-up and its cost. Luckily, most homeowner’s insurance policies do have provisions for this sort of thing, and they can be incredibly helpful. It is normally referred to as biohazard coverage in your policy. While each policy is different, most homeowner’s insurance policies include biohazard coverage.

Biohazard Coverage

Nobody wants to consider the tragedy of trauma occurring in the safety of their home, but it does happen. Knowing that biohazard coverage will pay for the cost of clean-up services can relieve the financial stress of the situation. Biohazard coverage will cover the cost associated with removing a deceased loved one, bodily fluids, and even some property damage such as flooring. Many biohazard and remedial cleaning companies are only too happy to accept homeowner’s insurance as payment for these services. Some of them may even help you file a claim. 

At Austin Bio Clean, we understand how crazy life can be and we know you value prompt professional service. Our skilled technicians are trained in biohazard and crime scene clean-up for homeowners as well as local law enforcement. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with the tragedy of crime trauma, especially in your home. If you do, Austin Bio Clean will help walk you through the process.


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