What Does a Crime Scene Clean-Up Involve?

What Does A Crime Scene Clean-up Involve?

Most people will never need to request a crime scene clean-up in their lifetime. For those who do, it’s often a very overwhelming and stressful process. You may not know who to call or what a crime scene clean-up involves. 

Who Cleans Up Crime Scenes?

When a homicide or suicide happens, many people think that the emergency services or police handle the crime scene clean-up. In reality, the home or business owner is responsible for cleaning the crime scene. However, many people choose to hire a crime scene clean-up company to clean the property safely. 

We can break down the crime scene clean-up process into three parts: The initial call, the evaluation, and the clean-up itself. So let’s dive deeper into the clean-up process and find out what happens during each part. 

The Initial Call – Request Crime Scene Cleaners 

When you place your initial call with Austin Bio-Clean, our main objective is to determine what kind of cleaning is needed. For example, cleaning could include tear gas clean-up, blood clean-up, homicide clean-up, or even biohazard clean-up. We’ll also ask you questions to determine the size of the cleaning needed.

Crime Scene Evaluation

After the initial phone call, our team members can visit the property to get a better idea of the work that needs to happen during the cleaning. We can provide you with an initial estimate during this visit or get started on the work right away. 

Some aspects of the crime scene evaluation can even happen during the police investigation. Then we begin cleaning as soon as the investigation is finished. 

Crime Scene Clean Up Process 

Once the police investigation is completed, our technicians will begin the cleaning process. 

We begin by detecting, disinfecting, and removing all traces of hazardous material found on the property. This dangerous material includes blood, bodily fluids, contaminated furniture, clothing, or other items that endanger people.

You want all reminders of the crime scene out of your home, but this clean-up does more than just remove a chilling visual. Blood and other bodily fluids can contain bacteria, viruses, and other bloodborne pathogens. If left alone, these materials can infect their surroundings and put your health at risk. 

Any furniture contaminated during the crime is transported and disposed of according to state and federal regulations. Although you may try and dispose of the material yourself, likely, you don’t know what these are, and mishandling of material may even land you in legal trouble. So let Austin Bio-Clean handle your crime scene clean-up to stay safe and on the right side of the law. 

Trust Austin Bio-Clean with Crime Scene Clean-Up 

Instead of trying to handle a homicide clean-up on your own, let Austin Bio-Clean take care of it. Homicide clean-up involves much more than meets the eye, and trying to clean the area on your own could endanger your health and your family. If you have any questions about our crime scene clean-up process or want to schedule a free estimate, fill out our online contact form.


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