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At Belt Construction,INC we offer services to public and private markets in the following areas: Underground Utility Services (large diameter sewer and water), Auger Boring, The Guided Boring, Concrete Structures and Paving, Pipeline Construction, Pump Facilities, Sewer Line Cleaning. Belt Construction,INC can build with you, in town or out, public or private. Our unique installation construction capabilities will exceed your expectations.

 Engineering References 

The following list contains a sample of the municipalities, engineers, and private business owners we have worked for in the past. We do our very best to meet the needs of our customers and ensure our clients are satisfied with our services before, during, and after construction of their projects.


-A.L. Franks Engineering , -Crist Engineers , -Freese & Nichols, -Hayes Engineering , -KSA Engineering , -Hayter Engineering , -Spears Engineering, -Schamberg Polk , -Velvin and Weeks, -Texarkana Water Utility , -Balar Engineering , -NTMWD ,- City of Shreveport, City of Plano, City of Irving, BAMA

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CDBG Collection System

Project: CDBG Collection System Improvements – 24” Sewer Lines including valves and fittings, Manholes 4-6’, Erosion Cont. etc. Duration: START…

Upper Delaware Creek Water

Project: UPPER DELAWARE CREEK WATER & WASTEWATER IMP – 8-20” Water Lines, 36 & 42” Wastewater Lines, 54, 48 &…

Water and WasteWater System

Project: WATER AND WASTEWATER SYSTEM REPAIRS – Rehab 7 Lift Stations, 6-15” Piping, Valves, Fencing, Seeding etc Duration: START DATE…

County Line Trunk Sewer Phase

Project: County Line Trunk Sewer Phase I Contract No. S.1609 – 48”-60” Sewer Lines, 54” & 60” Boring, 4’-8’ Diam…

UEFIS Point Repairs

Project: UEFIS POINT REPAIRS – 21 & 24” Sewer Lines, CLSM, Point Repairs, CCTV, etc. Duration: START DATE 5/29/2019 –…

Beck Branch Parallel Interceptor

Project: BECK BRANCH PARALLEL INTERCEPTOR – 42 & 54” FRP Sanitary Sewer, 5’ Manholes, Activated Carbon Odor Control System, Los…

2015 Water Sys

Project: 2015 WATER SYS IMP 14” WATER MAIN Duration: COMPLETED 6/25/2015    Estimation: $174,977.64 Location: City Of Canton, TX

Replacement Section Of The North Plano Pipeline


Daisy Farms

Project: DAISY FARMS 20” WATER MAIN Duration: COMPLETED 10/31/2014   Estimation: $1,263,625.33 Location: DAISY FARMS DAIRY FARMERS  PARIS, TX

First Baptist Church

Project: FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF KAUFMAN SANITARY SEWER Duration: COMPLETED 9/30/2015    Estimation: $249,422.57 Location: City Of Kaufman, TX

Sewer Extensions-HWY

Project: SEWER EXTENSIONS-HWY 35, TAYLOR LN & JIMMY WELLS LN Duration: COMPLETED 10/30/2015   Estimation: $358,614.28 Location: City Of Rison, AR

2015 Water Line Project

Project: 2015 WATER LINE PROJECT – MILL AND ASHFORD STREETS – 6” Water Mains, Fire Hydrants, Asphalt Work, Seeding etc….