Auger Boring

Construction doesn’t have to be disruptive. Innovative machinery gives us simpler and more direct construction choices, especially when it comes to underground construction methods. At Belt Construction, we handle a lot of underground projects, including underground utilities. We always match the project to the most effective construction method, and that method is frequently auger boring. When it comes to steel casing and pipes, auger boring provides a simple and effective installation option.

Quick and Cost-Effective 

Auger boring usually makes the most sense for pipeline installation. For one thing, it’s faster than other methods. The best augers move quickly for the most efficient installation process. Thanks to its speed, auger boring is also cost-effective. The less time a construction project takes, the less money the owner has spent by the time the project ends. Plus, since auger boring only uses minimal digging, construction site owners don’t have to pay to have trenches filled once the project is done.

Less Disruptive

Speaking of minimal digging, auger boring is the least disruptive underground construction method available. Other forms of digging can disrupt fields, roads, and buildings. Sometimes, traffic must be re-routed. Auger boring is different. It minimizes surface disruption, which means that it also reduces danger and inconvenience.

For that matter, it also limits noise pollution. When construction requires digging, the noise can cause all sorts of disruption. Take workplaces, for example. People lose a lot of productivity thanks to loud construction. However, auger boring is much quieter than trench-based construction. It minimizes noisy distractions so that businesses can stay productive and homes can stay restful.

Auger Boring Specialists

Not all construction companies offer auger boring. That’s because auger boring is an underground construction method, and underground construction requires specialized knowledge. Auger boring itself demands specific experience and training. Plus, users should know all about soil conditions and other geological considerations. This way, they can make adjustments for the most effectiveness. The Belt Construction crew has many auger boring experts. We know what it takes to get the job done quickly, safely, and effectively.

Our Machinery

Belt Construction uses the Barbco 48-950 model for auger boring projects. At Belt Construction, we put a lot of thought into our machinery purchases, and the 48-950 checked off all the right boxes. This heavy-duty machine is built to take on the toughest construction conditions, providing enough thrust to get through even the most stubborn surfaces. It’s fast and reliable, making it the perfect choice for Belt Construction clients. The 480-950 is built for versatility. It handles a range of underground utility projects. This machine works with all kinds of soil conditions, too. As a result, we don’t run into any extra delays while we drill. We can work as quickly as possible while maintaining our commitment to quality work.

Belt Construction

Belt Construction is available for auger boring and other underground construction methods. We provide construction services for Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma.