Hand tunneling is the excavation and installation of fixed tunnel supports at the tunnel heading by hand. We can create practically any size, shape, or length tunnel by hand. The method’s adaptability is exceeded only by its flexibility when encountering unexpected conditions such as buried utilities or difficult soil conditions. And while the hand tunneling method may be hundreds of years old and what we call “Iron Age Tunneling”, the excavation tools, tunnel support materials, and engineering are 21st-century state of the art. Hand tunneling can be very effective in soils below the water table when combined with ground stabilization methods such as dewatering, chemical and cement grouting, and/or compressed air tunneling. Hand tunneling is generally the slowest and often the most costly tunneling method, yet it often provides the least risky option to the client when potential unknowns are a factor.


Belt Constructions tunneling services include tunnel diameters up to and in excess of 8 feet with experience under railways and roadways. We tunnel through solid rock, dirt and any material that the job calls for. Belt Construction can tunnel anywhere your project is located.