Does your company need COVID-19 training?  We recommend property managers and restoration and remediation contractors join us online for
a train-the-trainer workshop series.

Top 5 Discussion Points

  1. Recognizing risks and liabilities in completing cleaning and disinfection.
  2. Having the correct contract and where to get one immediately.
  3. Proper insurance including workers’ comp, general liability, errors and omissions, pollution.
  4. Do you have the correct amount of equipment and are you ready to decontaminate them before leaving the project?
  5. Do you have the correct amount of PPE, detergent cleaners and disinfectants?
When it comes to learning about coronavirus and the virology, we have you covered.   We offer a view from Patrick Moffett, certified, Industrial Hygienist.
During this series you will learn the impact to worker health, PPE, cleaning, disinfection and the verification process.

Course Highlights:


The Importance Of Risk Management

Does cleaning and disinfecting one office have the same risk as cleaning an entire office?

What are the risk?

In business management, risk refers to the threat to achieve the company’s financial goals, which cannot be avoided but controlled. It’s important to protect your business and minimize risk.
Lowering company risk requires having a “business plan” for working in COVID-19 impacted buildings.

What You Need To Know?

  • *Do you have the correct insurance coverage?
  • When you have contact with surfaces, whether they appear to be clean or not. PPE is increased. What PPE is needed?
  • Get to know the valid cleaning process
  • Get to know what matters most from the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
  • Get to know the CDC Jobsite Disinfection Guidelines and more
  • Get to know best practice to clean hard and semi-porous surfaces
  • Get to know product manufactures that understand are aligned
  • Get to know the EPA’s List N disinfection products
  • Learn the difference between wet fogging or misting disinfectants

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