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Experiencing a sewage issue is perhaps the biggest nightmare any homeowner or business owner can face. It’s a disgusting mess, but it is also incredibly hazardous. You should never handle sewage cleanup on your own. Instead, trust the experts to safely clean up the mess and get your space restored following any type of sewage backup.

Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you experience a sewage backup, contact us right away and we can help you get it taken care of. We have the necessary knowledge and protective equipment to handle this for you.

What Makes Sewage Cleanup Hazardous?

Sewage is labeled as a biohazard. While you might think that sewage waste within your own home isn’t a big deal – IT IS! Not only is it disgusting and messy, but you never know what type of hazards lie within the waste that is now in your space. You should never enter the space without appropriate protective clothing and gear. You should never touch any contaminated items, either.

Some of the known hazards include:

Sewage could contain any number of bacteria, viruses, disease, and other contaminants. When you handle the materials that have been affected, you risk exposure to these contaminants. This is a matter of safety and it can affect your health, as well as the health of any human or animal in your space.

There are very specific protocols in place that dictate exactly how to handle sewage cleanup. These protocols define the necessary personal protective equipment, the processes that need to be followed, and disposal of materials. Do not try to handle this mess on your own.

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Common Causes of Sewage Backup

Sewage backups can be caused by a variety of reasons. There are not always warning signs that you’re about to have a major problem. If you do notice warning signs, such as gurgling or possible blockages, you should get these taken care of as soon as possible to prevent a bigger issue.

The unfortunate truth is that there are not always signs, so you need to know how to respond when it does happen. These are some common causes of seepage or backup issues that cause a sewage mess:

These are just a few things that might cause a backup or sewage seepage in your space. Sewage problems don’t just have raw sewage, but they also come with large amounts of water and moisture.

The Damage of Sewage Problems

Sewage backup issues don’t just cause a big mess. While that is certainly a big part of the equation, there are other issues that coincide with a sewage backup. Yes, you will absolutely have a mess that is hazardous waste. That alone should make you want to ensure you have a trained professional to help out.

However, you likely will also face extensive water damage and possibly mold damage as well. Whether it’s residential or commercial sewage damage, you need to act quickly and you need to get it handled the right way.

Exposure to contaminants could affect more than just the individual who finds the mess. This is a hazard and it must be treated as such!

What to Do When You Find Sewage Damage

When you discover a sewage backup or other sewage-related damage, you need to block off the affected area and call for help immediately. Don’t let it sit, and don’t let anyone else risk harmful exposure by entering the space. Call us night or day and get the help you need from IICRC-certified experts who are prepared and trained to handle this task.

Follow these steps when you experience a sewage backup:

  1. Ensure no people or animals can or will access the contaminated area
  2. Call a professional sewage cleanup company immediately
  3. Do not enter the space with sewage unless properly protected
  4. Open windows for added ventilation if possible
  5. Understand the risks and ensure you keep your household or space safe

The sooner you call in professional help, the sooner we can get your space cleaned up and safe again. You will want to document every part of the scene when you know it is safe to do so. This helps to assess the damage for insurance or tracking purposes.

Sewage Cleanup with CCCR

When you have a sewage backup, your insurance may be able to help cover costs. You should call a professional team that is willing to work directly with the insurance company when that applies. Always check with your insurance to see what is covered. At CCCR, we will be happy to work with your insurance.

We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure you know what to expect and to coordinate as needed. Our process looks like this:

  1. We respond quickly, so call us right away
  2. We will assess the damages with a thorough inspection
  3. Create a plan of attack with details provided to you for a full scope of work to mitigate, remediate, and restore the space
  4. We will assign you a project manager to communicate and guide you through every step of the cleanup process and work with your insurance company
  5. Work through the plan for cleanup, sanitation, and restoration

Work with Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc for Sewage Cleanup

At CCCR, we take great pride in offering you high-quality solutions for every need and project. When you’re facing a mess like a sewage backup, we’re here to help. We have teams available 24/7, so we can get there quickly to work with you. We will safely and efficiently get this mess cleaned up and restored.

CCCR is a family-owned and operated company that believes in community. We have always worked hard to give back to our community in every way possible. We’re here to help you through this and get things back to normal quickly.

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