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Facing smoke damage and odors that come along with it is the worst. Every type of smoke damage, from cigarettes to fires and everything in between, is very complicated to clean up and eliminate the odors. Smoke is one of the hardest odors to control and eradicate, and you can rarely accomplish it with DIY options.

That’s where we come in! Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. can help you with smoke damage odor control. We will help you take care of the smoke damage and eradicate the odors that come from the damage to bring you fresher, cleaner air. This air is not safe to breathe for any length of time, and no one wants to suffer through left-behind smoke odors. Let us help you handle the smoke damage and odor and get rid of them for good!

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can come from many different sources, whether you’re dealing with the aftermath of a fire or perhaps you’re in a structure that was affected by cigarette or marijuana smoke from a heavy smoker. No matter what type of smoke damage you are facing, we can help!

When smoke or fires occur, they leave behind dark stains and nasty residue. The stains from the smoke are often formed from ash, tar, and other substances that were in the burning item. These stains are unsightly and should be removed to keep your space safe, healthy, and clean. Not only do the smoke stains look awful, but they also have harmful particles in them that you don’t want to be exposed to for any length of time.

Smoke Odors

Smoke odors are some of the toughest odors out there, and they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. The problem with smoke odors is that they often have underlying particles that can seep into surfaces and cause you to struggle battling the odors. This is why smoke odors are so hard to handle. It is also why DIY odor removal rarely works for this type of need.

When you have smoke odors from fires, cigarettes, or another smoky source, you need a much more intensive approach to eliminate the underlying particles and eradicate the odors straight from their source.

At CCCR, we can provide intuitive smoke odor removal as part of the smoke damage cleanup process. We will help you eliminate the particles that are causing the odors and clean up the space to ensure the odors are gone for good.

These odors sink into every surface around you, from drywall to furniture to the wood behind the drywall. It takes a specialized approach to truly break up those particles and get rid of them permanently.

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The Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. Smoke Damage & Odor Process

Our process is thorough and is designed to fully understand the source of the smoke odors and damage and then work diligently to clear them up for you. As licensed contractors, we can handle every aspect of the job, from cleaning to disinfecting to any remodeling or restoration that may need to occur.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are taken care of the right way. Check out this inside look at how our process works:

The initial assessment ensures we get a chance to meet and determine what the situation is. In the assessment, we learn about the extent of damages, which helps us create a thorough plan and estimate to provide you with pertinent information.

Every job gets a project manager who will be your primary point of contact. We do this to ensure you get the treatment and communication that you deserve. Your project manager from CCCR will stay in close contact with you as repairs are made. We can even work with your insurance company throughout the claims process.

Our goal is to provide you with cleaning and restoration care so that you can focus on the things you need to take care of, and we can handle the smoke damage and odor removal.

Quick Response Times

We always respond quickly to get your needs taken care of. When you’re facing smoke odors or damage, you don’t want to suffer those any longer than necessary. We provide a quick-response hotline so that our team can be there right away to help you get the process started.

Care for Affected Items

Many times, more than just your structure is affected by smoke odors or damage. It can impact everything, including bedding, upholstery, area rugs, furniture, and curtains. We also work with you to handle the treatment and cleaning or restoration of these items. We pack them out, take inventory as we go, and then return them to you when restoration and cleaning are complete.

Does DIY Odor Removal Work?

There are many DIY odor removal recommendations out there, and many of them are great when it comes to small needs. They do well for very specific things or spot treatment of odors. Typically, these DIY solutions are not meant for big issues. They will likely not be enough for smoke-related damage or odors.

Use Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. for Smoke Damage & Odor

When you’re facing smoke damage and related odors, we can help. We’ve been handling cleaning and restoration needs in the Central Coast area for 30+ years, and we are dedicated to ensuring every customer is handled with the utmost care and respect.

Our teams can quickly help you clean up and restore smoke damage as well as get rid of those smoke-related odors. Contact us today!

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