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Sewer Tech provides testing, construction,
and repairs for drains, pipes and sewers.

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Finding the right construction crew is always tricky. You want to make sure that your team has the right experience, knowledge, commitment to safety, and reputation for client satisfaction. Construction work is tough and complex work, so it’s important to find the right crew fast. That’s true for all types of construction, but sewer and drain construction can make things even more challenging. This is a complicated type of construction that not every team is willing to handle. At Sewer Tech, not only do we take on sewer and drain construction jobs – we only take on sewer and drain jobs. We maintain a commitment to high-quality work for every project that we do.

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Industries We Serve

The public sector, including city governments

Power and utility companies

The oil and gas industry

Industrial clients

At Sewer Tech, we serve several groups and industries in Dallas and beyond. From governments to businesses of all sizes, our clients all expect the best, and we’re ready to deliver. We serve all the following types of clients

Our clients come from different industries, but what they all have in common is that they can’t afford anything other than excellent work. After all, sewers and drains are important. When they don’t work, nothing works. We keep these drains running exactly as they should.

Services We Provide

Hydro Excavation

Sewer Tech offers both dig and no-dig construction solutions. When a project requires digging, we use hydro excavation.

Mandrel & Air Testing

Mandrel testing and air testing are both essential to sewer and pipe maintenance. Sewer Tech offers both services.

Storm Drain Cleaning

A Slow storm drain can create a lot of problems above ground. Our storm drain cleaning services prevent those problems.

CCTV Inspection

A CCTV inspection is the simplest way to find out where a clog, leak, or other drain problem is happening.

Smoke Testing

With somke testing method, we have an easy way to determine which parts of a pipe need to be repaired.

Mandrel and Air Testing

Mandrel testing and air testing are both essential to sewer and pipe maintenance. Sewer Tech offers both services.

Customer reviews

What I liked most was that they answered all my questions. To be honest, I was worried that I was getting on their nerves, but they always seemed happy to help. Very friendly and got the job done.
Elaina T.
I like that they showed me the results so I could see for myself. They were really friendly, too.
Ron R.

Trenchless Technologies

The Sewer Tech team uses trenchless technology whenever possible, because trenchless methods come with several advantages. First, they’re cost-effective. Because they’re simpler than other methods and leave fewer messes behind, trenchless methods require less time and cost less money when all factors are considered. Speaking of taking less time, trenchless technologies are far more efficient than other forms of construction and maintenance. They’re also less disruptive, which is especially important for city and commercial clients. With minimal disruptions, traffic doesn’t have to be rerouted, workdays aren’t interrupted, and the project just causes fewer issues overall.

When it comes to drain and sewer services, clients need an effective and focused team. The Sewer Tech team is completely dedicated to your drain and sewer needs. Our team has the training and expertise that they need to get the job done correctly. If you need help with a sewer construction project in Dallas or the surrounding areas, call Sewer Tech today. When you’re dealing with sewage and drain construction, you can’t afford to wait. Call the right team now.

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What sets Sewer Tech apart from the competition? We do everything we can to provide the best services for our clients. We’re a highly trained and highly experienced team, and we use the most effective methods to get the job done quickly and get it done right the first time. We know that not everyone does what we do. Like we said, sewer and drain construction is a tricky thing. That’s why we take our work seriously. You can’t afford to hire anything other than the best service. In drain work, lackluster service can mean major disaster. We always provide complete attention to detail. It’s part of our commitment to client satisfaction.