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4 Safety Concerns for Mandrel and Air Testing

Mandrel and air testing let you keep your drains safe. During mandrel testing, our team pulls a spinning mandrel through a pipe to see whether the pipe has maintained its shape. If the mandrel moves through the pipe easily, then the pipe is still oval. If the mandrel gets stuck, however, it means that pipe may be sagging under the weight of the ground above it. During air testing, our team sends air into a pipe to check for leaks. If the pipe does have leaks, the air will exit the pipe through those leaks and show us the spots that need repairs. Mandrel and air testing come with a lot of advantages. They also come with some safety concerns. If you’re considering mandrel and air testing, here’s what you should know.

Pipe Rupture

First, your team will have to avoid pipe rupture. Without proper safety measures, pipes may rupture as a result of air testing. This can mean injury or even death for people on the worksite. So, how does Sewer Tech handle this possibility? We start by considering the pipe material. Air testing for a clay pipe will look different from air testing for a PVC pipe. Knowing the pipe material lets us know just how much air pressure to use. Speaking of air pressure, we keep ours slow and steady to avoid overwhelming the pipes.

Improper Anchoring

We generally use mandrel and air testing on underground pipes. However, we sometimes test aboveground pipes. When we do, we have to consider the pipe’s anchoring. If a pipe hasn’t been anchored properly, then it can come loose during the tests. When we work with aboveground pipes, we always do a complete inspection from the outside before we get started. We don’t move forward until we’re sure that the pipes will stay in place throughout the testing process.

Improper Machinery Transport

Some pipe testing services neglect transportation safety. When transporting testing equipment, especially air testing equipment, it’s important to make sure that everything has been stored and secured properly for the ride. Otherwise, machinery can come loose and cause an injury. That’s why our team has a multi-point checklist to ensure proper machinery transport. We keep everything secure from the moment we load the equipment to the moment we take it off the truck.

Lack of Training

Finally, make sure that you don’t hire any company that doesn’t have the right training. Mandrel and air testing may be simple, but they still require plenty of safety training to keep things from going wrong. At Sewer Tech, every one of our employees is highly trained and highly experienced. They know how to prevent and respond to emergency situations.

Mandrel and Air Testing With Sewer Tech

Do you need mandrel and air testing? What about an alternative, such as a CCTV inspection? Sewer Tech has what you need, and we provide all our services with the utmost attention to safety. Give us a call now to ask about our services and safety measures.

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