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How To Find The Right Storm Drain Cleaning Service

Most people don’t have to think about storm drains. If you’re in charge of hiring a storm drain cleaning service, though, then you know that these things can get more complicated than a lot of people realize. The right service professionals will understand factors like the age, depth, and infrastructure. How do you go about finding that team? You can start by looking for the traits below.

Tools and Equipment

First of all, your storm drain cleaning service should have the right tools and equipment. These days, the most advanced drain cleaning services use hydro jet technology in their cleaning routines. Hydro jets use precise and powerful blasts of water to clear clogs and debris from storm drains. They provide speed and safety unlike any other cleaning method. When looking into drain cleaning options, ask company representatives about their processes and technology, and then choose a service that can keep up with the times.

Inspection Capabilities

When you’re dealing with storm drains, your life will be much easier if you can hire one company instead of several. Instead of hiring one company to inspect your storm drains and another to clean them, why not find a storm drain cleaning service that also offers inspections? CCTV inspections can let you see the results for yourself so that you’re sure you’re getting the services that you need. By working with a cleaning service that also handles inspections, you can save a lot of time and hassle.

Experience With Different Drain Types

Next, look for a storm drain cleaning service that has experience with all different drain types. For example, if your storm drains were built before the 1930s, then you may have a combined storm drain and sewer system. In that case, your drains will have different needs than more contemporary drains. The best cleaning services won’t be taken by surprise. Different storm drains come with different potential challenges, and your team should be ready to face them all.

Storm Drain Cleaning Service

Looking for a top-level storm drain cleaning service? The Sewer Tech team is ready to get to work. We’ve worked with several types of storm drains, we offer a wide assortment of services, and we work with all the latest tools and technologies. Contact us today to learn more about your options. Sewer Tech can get your storm drains running smoothly and efficiently again.

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