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Top Considerations For Older Storm Drains

Storm drains need regular maintenance. Even the newest storm drains need a certain level of care so that they can keep working as they should. Older storm drains, however, come with extra challenges that newer lines don’t have. When you hire a team to inspect or clean your drains, make sure that your team can handle the needs of older pipes.

Overwhelmed Capacity

Older storm drains get overwhelmed more quickly than newer ones. That’s because old storm drains are often combined with sewer systems. This means that two separate sources divert material into the same line, leaving less space. When the weather is dry, this isn’t a problem. However, when major storms arrive, the extra water can overwhelm the system and send flooding into the streets. If your city or property has older drains, it’s important to keep them clean and free of clogs. When drains have limited capacity, every bit of space counts.

Dangerous Gases

Because of these combined sewer systems, older drains are more likely than newer drains to have dangerous and possibly flammable gases. This means that your storm drain service providers need to be especially careful when testing or cleaning these drains. For example, CCTV inspections are often preferable to smoke testing and air testing for older drains.

Storage Tanks and Tunnels

Some cities that have older sewer systems have increased drainage capacity by building extra tunnels and storage tanks. These tanks also need inspections, treatment, and cleaning. When hiring a storm drain service, make sure that they’re aware of any potential tunnels and tanks that other cities may not have.

Aging Infrastructure

Next, of course, there are all the usual problems that you’d expect from aging materials. Over time, drains can experience problems like cracks, root invasions, weakening structures, and similar issues. As a result, they require regular and thorough testing services. The older the storm drain, the more problems it’s likely to face. Cracks and holes in these drains can lead to flooding and backups, so it’s important to stay on top of potential issues.

Storm Drains With Sewer Tech

At Sewer Tech, we understand sewers and storm drains of all ages. Our team is prepared to handle the unique and complex needs of your storm drains. Get in touch with us today to talk about your storm drain needs. Whether you need cleaning or testing, our team is ready to help.

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